Why CoWork Shetland?

CoWork Shetland allows you to have an affordable, flexible town centre space for your business where you work in the same vicinity as Shetland's finest like-minded freelancers, sole traders and businesses. CoWork Shetland gives you the perfect environment to be inspired and excel. If you so wish, you can connect with other businesses, collaborate on new projects & grow together in the small business community in Shetland which is thriving with creatives, bloggers & the like. In a town centre location, you are in the ideal spot to meet with potential customers, clients & all amenities.

CoWork Shetland looks to play a huge role in the next step of your business journey, whether it's a stepping stone to hiring, growing and moving into a new space or it becomes a safe & comfortable place for you to work as a talented freelancer. You can truly thrive. 

CoWork Shetland eradicates the problems that come with working from home - meetings in the front room / meetings in noisy cafes with poor broadband, or getting distracted by chores, the TV, the kids, going to play golf, you name it! At our flexible office space you can differentiate the two. Work. Home. New space for work where you can really excel & be productive. Work & home no longer need to be associated with one another.