Why CoWork Shetland?

At CoWork Shetland, you work alongside Shetland’s finest like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesspersons. You are in the perfect environment to be inspired and excel. CoWork Shetland allows you to connect with other businesses, collaborate on projects and grow together as a community of thriving businesses and creatives in Shetland. In a town centre location, you are minutes away from the majority of potential customers, clients and amenities whether that be on foot or with a vehicle. 

CoWork Shetland can play a huge role in the next step of your business journey, whether it acts as a stepping stone for business growth or becomes your new, forever home, as a talented freelancer. You can truly thrive. 

The issues of working from home, with addresses being on websites, or getting distracted by cleaning up, daytime tele, the kids, a round of golf, you know name it! With CoWork Shetland you can differentiate the two. Work. Home. New space for your work can really allow you to excel and be productive. You no longer need to associate time at home with work or time doing work with home.