About CoWork Shetland

CoWork Shetland aims to create flexible office space for Shetland’s small businesses, freelancers and creatives in a bid for them to connect, collaborate and create community.

CoWork Shetland was set-up and subsequently launched in the Summer of 2019. Coworking space is a hugely popular way to work across the world and we thought that Shetlanders needed the offering of the next step for small businesses and freelancers.

It's also clear the business from home concept isn’t for everyone – whether that is because you’re wanting to create separation from home/family life and work, the idea of increased professionalism and security, or you’d rather not be rolling out of bed and into your office in a matter of steps. All of which, and more, are reasons that we decided that coworking space in Shetland is necessary.

CoWork Shetland allows you to get your own space, without having to get your own, expensive office. You get a good space, in a comfortable environment, in the middle of town.